Beast Conqueror is a 4-star Mage Class card. Its card rarity is Rare.

Attributes at Level 1Edit

Beast Conqueror

Beast Conqueror

Beast ConquerorEdit

Beast Conqueror

Beast Conqueror+

Beast Conqueror+Edit


Beast Conqueror is the result of combining Alchemist+++ and Trainer+++.

Beast Conqueror can be combined with Beast Conqueror to get Beast Conqueror+.

Beast Conqueror+ can be combined with Giant Beast+ to get Giant Warrior.


  • "She has the ability to communicate with all the animals here in the central plain. She's their little queen."- Beast Conqueror
  • "I became the queen of all the animals here. I'm not interested in fighting, but I want to protect this land for me and my friends." - Beast Conqueror+